Moving Was the Right Decision

I have never been one to particularly like driving. Growing up in a big city, there was really never any need. I could take public transportation or walk anywhere I needed to go. When I got older and met people from other parts of the country, they were shocked i was in my thirties and still didn’t have a license. I figured I’d get around to it one day.

Needless to say, I never got around to it. Then I got a job offer in Singapore. Before I accepted it I had to research transportation services in Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised at the options that were available to me. They were both affordable and luxurious. Luxury was not something I was used to by a long shot so that was a delightful surprise. Since I knew transportation wouldn’t be an issue, I eagerly accepted the job.

I moved out to Singapore last month and I have got to say, so far I love it. It took a big leap of faith to move halfway across the globe and reestablish myself in a new place but it has been great. I have met lots of great people. I have seen beautiful landscapes. I have tried delicious new foods. I wanted so badly to travel around the world in my twenties but I wrote it off as unlikely to ever happen by the time I hit thirty. I’m glad that it worked out for me and that little things like not being able to drive did not hold me back. I know this kind of move isn’t for everyone but if you need a little excitement in your life, if you feel like your life has become humdrum, moving to a country that you have never even visited before will certainly give you the excitement you’re craving.