David Johnson Cane Bay Partners Donates to Gov. Juan F, Luis Hospital Women’s and Children’s Division

David A Johnson, the Co-founder of Cane Bay Partners has donated $50,000 to Gov. Juan F, Luis Hospital Women’s and Children’s Division. Upon touring the facility, David Johnson Cane Bay Partners representatives acknowledged the efforts put in place by the Gov. Juan F, Luis Hospital Women’s and Children’s Division towards ensuring compliance to Medicaid and Medicare services. The donation is meant to speed up the compliance process by making available the requisite facilities.

Second Donation

The $25,000 was the second donation in a row. The first donation of a similar amount from Cane Bay Partners came in December 2014. The initial donation went to renovate the women’s and children division facilities where Sampson House was the contractor. The second installment will see many more rooms get renovated to enhance the comfort of the patients. The hospital’s Women’s and Children’s Division includes units such as the Pediatrics Unit, Mother/Baby unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Labor and Delivery Unit.

David A. Johnson said he was proud to support the health institution. He added that women and children were the most vulnerable groups, but at the same time, brought in many joyful moments. He finalized by saying that he would look for more ways to support the institution and challenged other citizens to do the same.

Medicare Compliance Programs

While leading the Cane Bay Partners representatives on a tour of the renovated rooms, acting CEO at JFL, Dr. Ken Okolo, thanked the organization for the support. He said that approvals of their system improvement plan to meet the Medicare and Medicaid requirements were possible due to such donations. He later added that the donation bought new life to the staff and physicians at the unit.

About David Johnson

David Johnson is a partner with the Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP, a leading consulting and management organization. He also partners with another international consulting company, Strategic Link Consulting. David has BBA in Management and MIS from the University of West Georgia. He also holds an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University. He has worked in different organizations in various capacities such as Regional Project Administrator at Earth Tech and the Vice President of Client Services at TranDotCom Solutions, LLC.